Monday, June 01, 2009

Home from MSU

That was a wonderful trip! Although we didn't come home with a big fat trophy we had a great time. There was so much for the kids to do while they were there. We all met people from different parts of the world. We all learned how much there is to do with FPS. I really do hope we get to go back next year.

I am going to do this by days. I'll get them up as quick as I can...

Day 1

We got to the airport at 7 am with Dunkin' Donuts in hand. We were all set to fly to Detroit where we'd catch a bus to Lansing. The flight was delayed due to severe thunderstorms in the area around Detroit. We sat for a while. Yeah, welcome to Newark.

Hannah and friend on plane.

The line waiting to take off from Newark.

Once we got to Detroit we immediately met new friends. This is the group from Great Britain. They were so awesome. They came right up to us and introduced themselves. The kids thought it was really cool.

I didn't get the camera out until they were almost done introducing...

Hannah on the bus.

After a long day of travel we got the dormitory where the kids and the coach's would be staying. This is also where we'd be subjected to day after day of cafeteria food. We also discovered that our hotel, although it's on campus, is a mile from the dorms...

Wilson Hall at MSU.

We all ate dinner together. Ah, the first of many bland meals. The kids were then settled into their rooms with a project for the evening to keep them entertained/busy. They had to put the memento exchange stuff together. I found myself at the hotel all alone at like 7 pm. That never happens. Nothing to do? Weird. I brewed some coffee and read a book. Hannah called later to say good night. She's so sweet.

Day 2

Most of the festivities weren't until the evening so we had some time to kill. After our scrumptious breakfast (that is a lie) we went to play. They played basketball until the pool opened up.

I can believe how many times the kids went off the diving board. Over and over and over. Never tiring.

Spring loaded.

This kid is fearless. He flew off the board!

Of course, in the afternoon we had to go and sample some of the ice cream that they make right there on campus. Who can say no to 35 flavors to choose from? Not I.

For the opening ceremony Hannah was carrying the state flag. Every state that participated had their flag carried in.

Little gardener girl. Get it? The Garden State.

FYI, if you're excited, turn the camera back to auto... All the pictures are blurry.

After the opening ceremonies they did the memento exchange. The kids all brought something that represented where they're from. Hannah got some interesting things like a little plastic flamingo. I held it up to her and said, "Let me guess, Florida?"

Doing a swap.

The parents that were staying in the hotel that night went down to the bar. I am not a drinker myself but I am always up for good company and coffee. We met up with some of the Australian parents and learned a lot about Melbourne. Their flight was 14 hours to LA and then they still had to get to Michigan. That's commitment! We talked about other little things like it isn't soda or pop for them, it's a fizzy drink. It isn't called candy they call it lollies. You don't go to College you go to University or Uni for short. It was truly fun talking to them. I hope to meet Cathy again some day. Maybe next year.

To be continued...


Amy Y said...

It looks like so much fun! You are quite the traveler lately!! :)

ellen said...

I guess I have traveled a fair bit this last month. I don't really consider going into the city traveling anymore even though we do touristy things there. Just a pain in the rear to get there.

I get a break though, we aren't going anywhere until mid July when we head to Denver!

Laura D said...

I was told that Austrialians call flip-flops thongs. This guy adri and i met in europe told how he lost one of his shoes in the shower and was asking people if they had seen his thong.