Monday, June 29, 2009

Quilts, veggies, pools, and parks

I finished up the last quilt block for my crazy quilt. The batik on the side is a potential binding fabric. I really am not quite sure how I'm going to finish this off. I don't think it needs traditional crazy quilt embroidery and I am not sure how I should quilt it up. Any suggestions?

My little garden is bursting at the seams. I shouldn't have put the zucchini in the there, I know that now and next year will be different. Next year I'll make different mistakes. :) I am, however, excited to see the little tomatoes starting to grow and all the flowers! I'll have some veggies soon!

Snap Pea flower.

Bush Beans.


Last week during swim classes I took some pictures. It's a great place for swim classes because the have a great play ground and a splash park too. It's one of those places that you can spend most of the day there. Bring a little picnic lunch, your sand/water toys, and hang out for the day.

Seth was digging through another kid's sand toys.

Monkey see...

Monkey do.

Aside from the bored "there's nothing to do" kids I have around here, summer is off to a great start.


woman at the well said...

Ellen, great photos! You're enjoying the camera, I can see!

~Mountain Lover~ said...

Yeah, in a few decades they'll be begging for nothing to do! heehee