Friday, June 12, 2009

Yucky day

What do you do on a potentially rainy day in the land of endless rainy days? (No, we aren't in Seattle.) Well, Six Flags is out of the question 'cause who wants to get soaked while on a ride!

We decided to go to the Wild Safari at Great Adventure. It's one of those cool places where you drive your car though the animals enclosure. There are a lot of animals in there and they have a ton of space. The dangerous animals, like the lions, are still caged in because you know there are idiots who'd get out of their car to get a closer picture. Not to mention they might make their dinner stampede right into the cars... could be messy...

So, for me, by far the coolest animals there were the giraffes. They came right up to the car and gave it a good tasting. It was wild to see them that close.

Taste testing the car in front of us.

Our turn.

We checked out some of the fun stuff at the end too. Seth and Chloe had a good time!

Lastly a funny picture of Seth.

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~Mountain Lover~ said...

I was wondering how you guys went on a safari. :)

We did something like that in South Africa too, at the Lion Park. There was a petting zoo area where you could pet lion cubs and feed giraffes. Then the part where you drove through the enclosures. Only, the lions weren't behind cages. The hyenas and cheetahs were though. heh. Lions are so freaking lazy, in the day time they only sleep. I can't imagine they let anyone drive through there between dusk and dawn.

I'm glad you guys had fun, it's so amazing seeing these magnificent creatures up close!