Friday, June 05, 2009

Strawberrries, field trip, binding, but no field day

As usual lots was done this week.

Monday was catch up day from being gone. Laundry, cleaning, etc.

Tuesday during a break in the rain we went strawberry picking with some friends.

I picked and picked and picked. I got 10 lbs worth of strawberries to use this weekend to make jam. Seth was filthy when we were done. He ate is fill and then began digging in the dirt while I did all the picking. Very helpful.

I grumbled a little today at Costco when I saw 4 lb boxes of strawberries at like $6.00. I paid $2.99 a lb and did all the work! Oh well, my jam will be all the better because of the hard work I put into it!

Any hoo...

Where was I, oh yes, Wednesday. I was a chaperon for Simon's class field trip to the aquarium. I had three kids in my charge for the day. I didn't lose even one! I think every school in NJ was there. My god there were kids galore. All our kids were in red shirts but we weren't the only school to do that.

Simon touching the horseshoe crabs.

I liked the fish hanging from the ceiling.

Where the hippos are is the best sign ever ! If you can't read it it says, "Birds poop every 15 minutes. How long have you been standing there?"

That night I finished up the binding on the Chocolate Coins quilts. I really don't know what to do with this quilt. I made it just to do something. It wasn't meant for anyone. Do I hang on to it until someone needs an Ellen quilt, do I sell it, or do I keep it?

Thursday wasn't all that exciting. We went to the mall, played with some friends, ate Mickey D's, did a little Old Navy shopping, napped (Seth not me), yelled at the kids (probably more than once), made some yummy Jambalaya for dinner, and worked on a friends duvet cover after the kids were in bed.

Today was supposed to be Field Day. Instead it was a rainy free day. I took the opportunity to make a run to Costco after playgroup. Hopefully there won't be rain on Monday so the kids can have their fun field day.

Tomorrow I make jam! I am excited and I hope I don't mess up because I invited other people over to learn how to do it...

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Amy Y said...

Wow! What a week!
Those strawberries look absolutely delicious. I seriously doubt Costco's were better, even if they were a little cheaper.

The quilt is gorgeous!!

I want one :)