Monday, May 25, 2009


I did it. I got the garden started! God only knows what will make it or take over the little square garden.

This is what we did:

Step one- Make a raised bed box with a few little helpers.

Step two- Fill with compost from your own bin! Woo hoo! Well, and a bit of peat moss from the garden center.

Step three- Make grid (next time I'll use a ruler a few squares are crooked). Fill with plants.

Step four- Cross those fingers and hope...


Amy Y said...

Yay!! My garden is currently flooded because we got SO much rain this weekend (the hail didn't help either).
My favorite part was pouring the homemade compost in :)

We have a few green stawberries and one green tomato. So exciting! :)

woman at the well said...

Ellen, your garden looks so cute!
It's just the right size for what you'll need. I have to watch out when I read the blog, I'll start crying ...

I'll be on the internet tomorrow with my computer (assuming I can make the router work) and I'll upload photos of the farm.