Friday, July 03, 2009


Oh, summer. What would we do without fireflies? They are so much fun.

Letting them go after we caught a whole bunch.

I played with my camera tonight. There's a night mode on it and it's much better than the automatic shots but it's still hard to get a good low light shot. I showed Hannah one of the pictures with Seth blurred and she thought it was cool. She asked me to take a picture of her running around.

Seth, or should I say Dash.

Hannah ran too fast and veered off to the side. Fast as lightning.

Simon, well, he just can't hold still.

Tomorrow should be a fun filled day. We are in the Kazoo Parade again. Then in the evening we'll trun on the grill and hang out with some friends. Once it gets dark and the fireflies start coming out, we'll walk over to where we can see the fireworks. Ah, summer. I like you when you aren't all hot and sticky...

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