Saturday, July 26, 2008

Um... more quilting and other stuff

I've started working on my moms quilt. This week I got all the fabric washed, ironed, and cut. I still need to square up the bird panels.

I don't have a 10.5" square ruler and I want to make sure the block is perfectly centered. I tried messing with them with my regular ruler and a 9.5" square ruler... it didn't work for me. One tool that I do have that made some of my cutting easier was the Diagonal Set Triangle Ruler. I love that it has all the math right there all done for me . All I need to know is what the finished size of my block is and it tells me how big to make the setting and corner triangles.

I was already planning on stopping in at the quilt store tomorrow (they're having a sale!) to get backing for my aunts quilt that is completed so I can get the 10.5" ruler while I am there. I'll stop by after my postpartum visit with doula client S. in the morning.

This afternoon half the family went to a BBQ. Little Hannah had to stay home with her dad today though. She got a fever last night and even though she insisted she was fine today she was still warm. She had to stay home. Dan was perfectly fine staying home. I on the other hand would have been bummed to miss out. So, the boys and I got to go. It felt like most of the PTO from school was there. It was nice to see everyone though because I don't see all the moms over the summer for the most part.

I can only hope that whatever Hannah has isn't too contagious. She seemed just fine at bedtime.

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woman at the well said...

My, what a beautiful quilt you're working on ... it will be so fun to see it in the stages.