Monday, November 05, 2007

Princeton and no heat

What a beautiful little town and campus.

My mom now lives about 10 minutes away from Princeton so we went up there to look around yesterday. We had lunch at Panera's and boy was it busy. My old waitressing skills came in handy when our food was ready. :) After walking around a bit we got some Chai Tea at Starbucks and went across the street to explore Princeton's campus. Mom and I both love the detailed architectural work on the old buildings. It was neat to see a few memorials about town that celebrated the 250th anniversary of the school! Being from Denver and all, there isn't anything that old standing. There is so much history out here.

I am sure none of my kids will aim as high as Princeton but maybe they'll remember seeing the big beautiful campus and they'll aspire to go to a good college. Hannah said she HAS to go to college to be a doctor. I don't know of any other kid that has known what they want to be from 2 years old. She asked Santa for a stethoscope that year.

After walking around for a while we headed over to a Battlefield. No playground, just a huge open grassy field an old historic home. The kids ran and ran.... we walked. The house was originally built in 1772! I am amazed that it is still standing.

What about the "no heat" part?

Yea, our furnace isn't working. Why? I don't know. I woke up on Sunday and thought it was to cold in the house. When I checked the thermostat it was set at 68. Ok. Then I looked at the thermometer and it said 60.... oh, shit. Not good. I fiddled with the thermometer, checked the fuses, made sure the burner or oil switch wasn't off... still nothing.

I called the oil company we use this morning and they are sending someone out. Please, oh please, let it be something minor. A new furnace would cost an arm and a leg. I hope they come out and laugh at me because we made this happen and they kick the heat on.

Seth and I are wearing sweaters right now and I'm still cold. I think it's about 57 in the house now. Brrrr.


Susan said...

Beautiful pictures! Did Simon have a growth spurt? He looks like he is taller than Paul now!

And your kids may aspire to go to an Ivy League school. They are definitely smart enough. And being on the east coast, I would imagine you hear even more about them when you are in high school.

Hope you get your heat working soon. We had the opposite problem over the weekend. Someone bumped the thermostat up to 80. And it was disgustingly hot in our house for 2 days.

woman at the well said...

I'm so glad that you enjoy stuff like walking around Princeton - it really is the type of outing typical of our family. Some families go to the football game, we go look at architecture ...

Amy Y said...

Great photos indeed!
Hope you warm up soon... that's awful! :(

ellen said...

Paul is still much bigger than Simon. It's just the angles.

They are smart enough but you have to be really motivated to go the Ivy League route... they have slackers for parents so, I don't know.