Saturday, November 10, 2007

Oh, how they've grown

Taken in Feb 2006. I love this picture.

Taken July 2007. Ok, I love this one too!

I was looking at some of our family pictures today after I realized I hadn't even sent out their school pictures yet... better get on that. The kids change so quickly don't they?

Today is a nice lazy day. There are a few errands to run and a bit more work to be done on my sewing room but no need to rush. I like that.

I got a new book shelf from Ikea on Wednesday. It's so cute. I can't wait to get it next week and put it in. Maybe then I'll be ready to take a few pictures of the room. I also bought a new dining room table and chairs. The one we have now is literally on it's last leg. A few months ago a friend sat in one of the chairs and it cracked right under him. The chair leg split in half and he fell to the floor. Ah, oops. Sorry about that. I have repaired most of the chairs but they are very old, rickety, and have dry rot. You can only do so much. I am not sure what to do with the table, which is still in fairly good shape, because it is an antique according to Dan's dad. Maybe I should take a picture into an antique store and see what they say about it. I don't want to keep it, don't want to throw it away, what to do.

At least this year for Thanksgiving we can easily fit everyone around our dining room table. That will be quite nice.


woman at the well said...

I suspect more dining room tables are sold in November than any other month. "Antique" is certainly an uncertain word, which can mean, valuable and old, or simply old.
No hiking today - at 'at home' day, except for an hour at the office and the library. Nice balance.
I'm looking forward to seeing the new room and new furniture!

Samantha said...

um, dumb question- did i take that first picture?

It makes me miss you guys so much!

ellen said...

Yes, you took that picture.

Mom, I think your right. I bet a lot of people buy new tables for turkey day.

Amy Y said...

OMG they HAVE changed a lot in a year! Holy cow... great pictures!

Can't wait to see pics of the new furniture... and how's that painting coming along??

Ria said...

I like both those pics as well. I really like the one of you at the lake though. Yes, they have grown but Simon still looks pretty close to the same.

I bought my dining room table for turkey day and LOVE it.