Saturday, November 17, 2007

Birth!, tables, and randomness

I had the privilege of attending a birth on Thursday as a doula. OMG. Did I miss that. A womans body is such an amazing thing. It knows what to do if you'll just let it happen. The hospital we were at was very accommodating. You don't always get that. They did their standard monitoring when we arrived and then they took her off the monitor and left us alone. She didn't even get an IV. So cool. She labored through back pain without even asking for drugs that everyone knows are at the ready in a hospital. What a beautiful experience. Every time I see it I am awed at such true perfection.

A healthy baby boy was born.

It was a wonderful way to ground myself with all that is constantly happening around me. I don't just mean Simon's health but the continual chaos that is parenthood. I do have something that I am drawn to. Something I want to pursue. The biggest issue with me attending births is making sure the kids are cared for at all times. Dan can't just leave his job anytime. He is the bread winner after all. One of the moms I have befriended out here offered to watch my kids from time to time. Her son is in Simon's class. Hmmm... that makes things a bit more possible... hum.

Let's see, other things that have happened recently.

Our dining room table arrived while I was gone on Thursday. Hurray. The best part is Dan put it all together. Did some of you just say, "You let Dan put it together!?!" Mr. Un-mechanical did a great job. Only one chair is wrong. :)

Once we got the table flipped over we noticed one of the corners is dented. It looks like someone dropped it on the end. I called Ikea and they will replace it without a problem. I also got my book shelf and I assembled it yesterday (photo to come).

My bento box quilt is back and waiting for binding to be put on. This lady is fast!

We went to "movie night" at school last night. It really means, "put on a movie no one has seen and no one has a chance of hearing due to all the loud kids running around dumping popcorn on the floor." Amazingly Hannah and Simon had a great time! It makes me twitch. The PTO raises money and the kids get hyped up on sugar. Couldn't ask for more. Don't you wish you could have been there?

I am getting my hair done today. Of course, I had the appointment originally scheduled for Thursday evening. I like to temp fate that way. It is way past time to get my hair done though. My naturals are showing.

Totally random but have you ever seen stationary and wondered why it couldn't be a fabric pattern. All cool patterns should be on fabric too. Oh, I am dreaming again.

Enjoy your weekends.


woman at the well said...

How marvelous about the birth! And, how marvelous to know about your "calling." It really is a calling, too. It isn't all cute babies - its blood and all manner of bodily fluids and emotions and pain ... and a baby :)

Table looks very classy.

Susan said...

I love Dan's opps on the chair. How did he manage to miss that?!?

Table is beautiful though. I'm jealous....

Amy Y said...

Yay for the birth and the table looks great! Love Ikea! :)

Hope you can keep attending more births...

Ria said...

That is very cool about the birth. I am so glad to hear you got to do something for you!

I love your table. It totally reminds me of you.

As for the fabric/paper comment...I am a scrapbooker and always find fabric that I wish was paper. I think it is just one of those grass is greener things.