Saturday, November 24, 2007


Aside from the mishap first thing in the morning our Thanksgiving turned out quite nice. The food was scrumptious if I do say so myself. I was happy that the turkey came out alright because it was my first time making one in a roasting pan. For years now Dan and I have used one of those turkey bags and cheap aluminum trays. I called my mom a couple of times for pointers to make sure I was doing it right. Good thing I have a mommy to call on, even at 31!

Oh, and may I say the table was well adorned with the napkins and place mats that I made.

We've spent the rest of the weekend resting. At least I tried. I didn't even get out of my pj's yesterday. God that was nice. Also, I am not a big Black Friday shopper so staying at home wasn't a hardship for me. I watched Transformers yesterday and it's actually pretty entertaining. Better than I thought it'd be.

Today I went out into the world again. I took Seth to the doctors to get his ears looked at. He has a decent cold right now and he's pointed at his ear a few times in the last few days. No big crying fits, no fever.... just a hunch. He has the beginning of an ear infection. We'll keep an eye on it over the next few days. We have a hard enough time trying to get this kid to talk. I don't want him to have any ear problems that could delay him. Although, we don't really think he is behind, just stubborn. He'll probably go from grunting to full sentences.

I also got some fabric for a new project into the wash today. Ah, I must have something to work on.

Caught Hannah reading.
Boy that was hard. She usually has a book glued to her or her head phones. Hannah, though try and she may, isn't the worlds best singer. Thankfully her daddy told her long ago that singing should be based on enthusiasm not actual talent. Really? Talent sure does help the ears.

Then back out to hit the store. I took Seth with me... should have left his grabby hands at home. I swear he was not listening and trying to grab everything he could reach off the shelves. Which is ok in the cereal aisle but not even close to ok in the condiments area!

After a yummy dinner of enchilada's (we couldn't do turkey for a third night!) I broke out the Kids Concoctions book and we picked something fun to make. Moon Muck, or as some of you may know it Moon Mud, was the winner. It consists of Corn starch and water. It's way messy, total gooey fun, and easy to clean up.

Then a quick snack before brushing teeth, reading stories, and bed time.

Today wasn't all sunshine though. We got a call this evening that Dan's grandma Dona passed away. She has been sick for quite a while battling a myriad of health issues. Please send good thoughts to Dan's family, especially his grandpa. I think grandpa Jack is going to need some loving support for a while.


Ria said...

I love your placemats and napkins!! I need to do something fun like that. Moon muck also looks quite interesting!

woman at the well said...

Sometimes a day at home without even getting dressed is just the ticket. Every day, however ... blah. There's a quote I read something about hell being an endless vacation.

Some of today's singing "artists" seem to be popular based on enthusiasm and ability to be obscene, it seems to me. Patsy Cline, now there's a voice!

Amy Y said...

Sorry to hear about Dan's grandma :(
I agree with Ria ~ the placemats and napkins are fantabulous!
Glad the turkey turned out Ok and that you guys had a nice Thanksgiving!!

Susan said...

Love the placemats. Glad you were able to get them done in time. You are taking after me, waiting to the last minute :)