Monday, November 05, 2007

The heat is on!

Ah, sweet hot air now blows out of the vents once again. Hurray for service techs who fix stuff I don't understand. Some sort of short happened with some wires in the furnace. All I know is it's fixed. I will try not to gripe too much about the total ruining of my day that went on in order to wait and wait and wait for heat. It was worth waiting for. My nose and hands were so very cold. Those things should only be cold when you're outside, not in. Cold toddler hands make cuddling up a bit shocking!

The big kids weren't to thrilled when I picked them up from school and they found out they had to accompany me to Costco. Hey, I would have gone this morning after Gymboree but some short people wanted a bit of heat in the house too.

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Amy Y said...

Hooray for heat! There is something to be said about snuggling under the covers with a warm body... But... it's nice to have the option of a warm house as well. :)