Monday, November 26, 2007

A day in the life

6:45 am- Up for a quick shower before the kids get ready for school. Relax in the nice hot water. Shave for the first time in days.

7:20 am- Make breakfasts, make lunches, sign reading logs, and remind them mommy will be in the library after school.

8:15 am- Take the kids to school in the car because it's raining.

8:45 am- Get Seth ready for the day. Breakfast (he slept in), dressed, etc. Send off a few emails. Make sure Net flicks movies go back.

9:20 am- Hurry, we're late for Gymboree!

10:35 am- Head to Costco for a long, long list of items. Trying to keep Seth happy while shopping cost me an extra $10 for an Elmo Christmas book he found and loved. I tell ya, the kid is obsessed!

11:55 am- Got some pizza and a berry smoothie for lunch. Seth didn't eat much because he also had sampled things throughout the store and sucked down a whole organic chocolate milk. I don't think that "organic" really makes it any better. It's still chocolate milk that freakishly doesn't have to be refrigerated but the kids like it.

12:50 pm- Take sleeping toddler upstairs for his afternoon nap. Unload the car forever! So much stuff! Put things away. Load and run the dishwasher from breakfast... yup, I am a slacker. Check email again. Pay some bills online. Call gymnastic place for Hannah and set up today for her to try it out. Load up bag with snacks for the "I'm Hungry" kids.

2:15 pm- Wake Seth up so I can go help the PTO at school. The Holiday Shopping is next week and we have to count inventory. I offered to help. Sucker is stamped on my forehead.

3:45 pm- Leave school to get Simon home, changed, and back out the door in time for Tae Kwon Do at 4:20. Grab tons of snacks again and make sure Hannah has entertainment for the duration of Simon's class.

5:15 pm- Realize I only have one hour to make dinner and eat before Hannah gets to go try out a gymnastics place for the first time. Dan got ingredients out and I cut. We had a yummy Red Bean and Quinoa Chili... obviously, the previous "I'm hungry" children just became the whinny "I don't like that " kids. Grr. I made some grilled cheese to go with it.

6:20 pm- Race out the door with just Hannah for gymnastics. She had a good time and wants to go back. What about the violin you say? Yeah, she just isn't into it and forcing her is sooo not working for us. She'll pick her way through the rest of the year and that's that. I am done. Once we found out Simon's scoliosis was worse I wanted to up him to twice a week at TWD and I felt like Hannah was getting the short end of the stick.

7:35 pm- Walk in the door and take Seth upstairs for a bath while Dan gets the big kids to take their showers downstairs. Started on Book Club book while he played in the tub.

8:10 pm- Argued with Simon about how many snacks he can have. He didn't like dinner, hadn't eaten much and was starving. I am of the "so starve" school of thought. He wanted a banana after Dan already let him have a cup of instant breakfast. Seth saw the banana and went into hysterics trying to get said "last" banana. I made Simon share. I am a terrible mom. Simon was after all starving because no on feeds him ever!!!!

8:30 pm- Read 3 books to Seth while Hannah read to herself and Dan and Simon worked on The Hobbit some more.

8:35 pm- Force Seth to let me brush his teeth. Why can't they understand that teeth should not be fuzzy?

8:45 pm- Tuck everyone in. Songs, hugs, and I love you. Ah, the sound of quiet... now for me time.

9:10 pm- Blog for a while.

9:30 pm- Watch mindless TV for a while.

11:30 pm- Gonna go get ready for bed now.

It was a long day. Most of my days aren't quite that packed full. Good thing we did laundry yesterday!


Susan said...

Would I be correct in guessing that Seth would like something Elmo for Christmas?

Sounds like you had a very busy day. Hope today was a little slower.

shawna said...

yowser, ellen! i think i'm sweating after reading your post. as always, i am amazed at how wonderful of a mom you are. and to be able to balance the needs of three beautiful children takes grace- which you have.

sorry it's been a while since i've visited your blog, but it was nice to catch up on your posts! XO

ellen said...

Elmo would be a hit Susan.

Shawna, I am no where near graceful but thanks for the compliment. There are many days that are way to crazy for words. Seeing that you too are an awesome mom I am sure you know all about how crazy it can be.