Friday, November 02, 2007

Paint progress

Even though we have been thoroughly busy this last week with all the Halloween stuff, we have made some progress on the painting. There were 4 colors in here lime, green, yellow, and gold. Yuck, yuck, and more yuck. We got primer on everything. The inside of the big closest is done. I finally got the trim, which is white, done. Well, at least I think it's done. Getting the green covered proved to be a big pain in the a$$!

I'll get all the accent white taped off and we can apply the final touches tomorrow. YEA!!!! My computer desk is sitting in the middle of the room right now and I pull the plastic tarp up to use the computer. It will be better once we are all done. What a mess right now.


woman at the well said...

The room is going to be so pretty! It is amazing how much improvement you can make with paint.

Amy Y said...

It's looking better already!! Happy painting... don't worry, it'll be over with soon enough!

ellen said...

It looks pretty good now. I have to get a few spots touched up and then move all my stuff back into the room.