Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Woof, woof!"

I had a wonderful Mother's Day and it sounds like most of you did too! I got a hot cup of Chai Tea handed to me upon waking and the kids gave me all of their wonderful hand made gifts. I especially like the nice things Hannah said about me. I got to do things I wanted to do.... like quilt. I know, shock and surprise! I actually made quite a bit of progress on the quilt top. I am working with batiks. I love batiks. They are just fantastic fabrics that are rich in color. I digress, where was I... ah yes... We then spent the evening with some of our friends having a little Mother's Day BBQ. It was a very nice evening minus the car ride home where Seth cried almost the whole way.

A Simon update- Everything looks good right now. We saw the orthopedic doctor today and he said everything looks okay. Simon's curve is at 18% (it was 20% last time). Getting better? Maybe. His flexibility is worse but he did spend two weeks moving as little as possible. I think my muscles would suffer too. I am going to work with him on stretching. Heck, it'd be good for me too! We also saw Dr. Storm's Nurse Practitioner today. She said things look good. They want an MRI within 4-6 months after surgery to see how the syrinx is responding. Everyone cross your fingers that it shrinks up on its own. I don't want him to have any more surgeries! I need to get a little more clarification from the doctor about what activities are okay and when. The nurse said he shouldn't be in gym for 3 months but Dr. Storm told us he could go back to normal activity... hum, very conflicting. I do think the doctor was right when he said we wouldn't be able to stop him from doing much anyway.

On to the title of the blog-

Ah, our little Seth is such a smart boy. When he sees a dog he says, "Woof, woof." I was so excited to hear him using sounds to help express himself. I've told everyone about how he says this when he sees a dog. Then the other day in my office he said "woof, woof" again. I asked him if he saw a doggie and I looked to where he was pointing..... It was a goose. It turns out all animals say woof, woof. :) Yes indeed all of them- sheep, pigs, cows, cats and even fish say, "woof, woof!".


Amy York said...

How cute is that?! Loved Hannah's gift - she really loves her mama! And I wish I could see Seth saying "woof, woof" - I have never heard him talk!! So cute!
Glad to hear Simon's curve is decreasing a bit. It sounds like perhaps the surgery was a success?? I hope he dosen't have to have any more surgeries either - for all your sakes!!!

woman at the well said...

A wonderful gift from Hannah - its funny what they observe - Mom likes to read quietly - like you get much quiet! One of the kids - you, I think, was most impressive making cat noises for a cat, but it turned out that it was for every animal, too. It does sound like he's making the connection between noise and communication, which is progress!

Glad to hear about Simon's progress - not surprised to hear that the doc and the nurse say two different things - that's why they call it "practicing" medicine.

ellen said...

I wish doctors weren't all working off of theories. Most of the time nurses do the same thing that they learned in school however many years ago that may have been. Simon's neurosurgeon is a young doctor so he probably has "new" ideas about how things should be done. I'd rather see him more active anyway.

Amy- I'll have to convince Dan that we need a digital camcorder so I can post little videos. I know my camera will record for like 30 seconds. Hum.....

Coni Nelson said...

Ellen - OH my, I am glad you enjoyed your mothers day.... I got a card that said - "I like you even when you're mean"........ Count you blessings - your children are fabulous!!!!!

Love ya, Coni