Monday, May 28, 2007

4 Day Weekend

We had an eventful weekend. Seth was sick pretty much the whole time. I took him in on Friday and the doctor said he had an ear infection. We talked about antibiotics and decided to wait and see if the fever broke. Not all ear infections are bacterial. Well, Friday night the little guy's fever went over 103 and I wasn't comfortable with my previous decision anymore! I called the doctors office Saturday morning and they called in a prescription for me. Seth's fever finally went away on Sunday night. I alway worry about my kids when they get crazy fevers like that. Anyway, no one else in the house seems to be sick.... yet. We spent most of the weekend in the house trying to relax even though it was HOT!

We went ahead and had our BBQ today and it went off smashingly. I had intended to procure a table and chairs but with the little guy being sick it was hard for us to go out together and look. This morning Dan and Becker (one of the guys from Dan's work) went to Target to see if they could get one and they were all out. Surprised? I think not. Instead of searching the city for patio furniture Becker went back to his house and kindly brought over his table and a few assorted chairs. No one seemed to care or even notice the fresh out of college assortment we had going on. The food was good but the company was better!

Oh, I need to add.... Hannah's troop was in the Memorial Day parade this morning too. I walked over and dropped her off with her girl scout troop at 9:30 because the parade started at 10 and everyone had to be in their places. I ran back to the house put my pound cake in the oven (Oh yeah, strawberry shortcake. Yummy!), got Seth and Simon all sun screened up, grabbed water and snacks, and then headed to where the end of the parade route was. I swear there was every single fire truck in the 3 towns around us and our own in the parade. Now, I think fire trucks are cool and all but dang there were a lot! Simon was so bored. Once Hannah was done we just headed home to get ready for the aforementioned BBQ!

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