Thursday, May 10, 2007


I went to a La Leche League meeting tonight. (For those of you saying, "La what...?" It's a organization that provides breastfeeding support, information, etc.) I do so enjoy the meetings. I love being surrounded by like minded women. All of us are different in how we parent and the length of our nursing relationships with our babies but we all believe breast milk is the best food for the baby. I also understand that nursing doesn't always work out for everyone so I don't want to upset anyone but if you can nurse, you should.

Earlier today I finally took the quilt top I made for Sheri in to get it quilted. Seth charmed all the ladies at the quilt store with his little smile. Now I am working on a new quilt! I love to start new quilts. I just finished my least favorite part of quilting.... ironing. Bleck. Ironing is boring but rather necessary unless you like lumpy messed up quilts.

Simon is doing very well. He is healing up nicely. He runs around, rides his bike, and in general doesn't act like he had major surgery a month ago! We see his orthopedic doctor and the neurologist next Tuesday. Hopefully everyone will agree that things look great. If his scoliosis hasn't worsened I think that means we might be able to keep him out of a brace. I am sure I've mentioned this before but if the surgery worked the way it is supposed too than the syrinx should shrink on its own, releasing the pressure on the spine, allowing the curve to self correct!


Amy York said...

Has it been a month already? Holy cow... Glad to hear he's feeling better - have those pains he was having pretty much stopped?

Yvonne said...

Ellen, I'm so glad Simon's doing well. And I'm sorry we didn't get to see each other while I was in NJ. Such is life. I hope you & yours have a wonderful Mother's Day. Love to all.

ellen said...

The pain did stop. I don't know why it started but I'm glad it stopped!

Yvonne- I am sorry I missed you too. I was just concerned about getting Oliver sick.

woman at the well said...

I'm so glad that Simon's pain quit. I'll bet it had to do with the adjustments following surgery. Of course, Seth charmed people - that will be his main tactic in life to get what he wants ... Two women at work were saying their third child was delayed in talking because the older ones interpreted / did his bidding without the baby having to talk. Just an interesting phenomena of "birth order" I guess.