Wednesday, May 30, 2007

That Darn Yogurt

Ok, so I guess I'll have to admit I am a slow learner. Some of you may recall the last time Seth got to feed himself yogurt. It was a messy experience to say the least. Well, I let him try again today. Not that it matters much but he took a really long nap and was eating lunch at like 1:00. I had already eaten so I grabbed a magazine to read while he ate. He took a few spoonfuls of the yogurt and then moved on to the bagel with cream cheese and the blueberries. He was doing a great job. I was reading along and then I glanced up to discover him putting the yogurt in his hair like it was shampoo or something! He smiled at the look of shock on my face and dipped his hand in the cup for more!

I removed the tray and went to get a towel. Although I knew it would take more than a towel to get the yogurt out of his hair. Might as well grab the camera while I'm at it, eh?

Don't worry, he cleans up nicely after you run his head under the sink faucet. He will need a bath again tonight though.

The one good thing about his extraordinarily long nap was it allowed me to get a bit of work done on my latest quilt project. I got all the cutting done today and even began doing some piecing! I do love it when I make progress. Oh, and I talked to the lady who is going to be machine quilting Ben ad Susan's quilt today. She said she thinks she'll get it done this week! I am so excited to see it all quilted with the pretty pattern I picked out.


Amy York said...

That is too cute!! You are such a good mommy to let your kids get messy... I was always too lazy to want to clean it up. ;)

ellen said...

This was an unplanned mess. They do need to get dirty from time to time though.

woman at the well said...

So, he's feeling better, I take it? He looks more like Hannah every day!

ellen said...

Yup, he is feeling better. It's weird to think that when Seth grows up he could look exactly like his daddy.