Friday, May 25, 2007

Class Pictures

I can't believe it's Memorial Day weekend already. The end of the school year is rapidly approaching for my kids! Their school does a second round of school photos in the spring that of course surpass the fall pictures so you just have to buy them! I figured I'd scan them in and share with all of my lovely readers. The kids are growing by leaps and bounds. Now don't fret this summer we are getting family portraits taken (I have been grumbled at for not having any family pictures to speak of).

I am taking Seth into the doctors this afternoon. He was running a pretty good fever today, 102.3! Yikes. So the doctor would like to see him. I gave him some Tylenol and that seemed to bring the temp down quite a bit. It is really hot today, I think they were calling for about 90, so I am really hot! Holding a hot baby in a hot house... god we need AC! Thankfully it doesn't feel like the humidity is very high or maybe I've gotten used to the humidity.

Oh, and lucky me, I got to meet my new neighbor this morning.... in my pajamas. He came over to ask if my little hoodlums (my word not his) could stop riding their bikes in his drive way for fear they could get hurt and he'd be liable. Gee, nice to meet you too sir. He was actually very polite about it. The kids make a loop from our driveway around the corner and then turn around in his driveway to come back. It keeps them entertained and seemed harmless to me. Oh, well. Now I let them ride all the way to the corner of the block which is way cooler.

Enjoy your holiday weekend everyone! We will be BBQing on Monday. Maybe we should go get a table and chairs for people to use. :)


Scylla said...

Cute pictures! Simon looks so very grown up and Hannah is simply lovely.

woman at the well said...

Thanks for posting these marvelous photos!

Amy York said...

Great pics!
Phooey on that neighbor. ;) I have a neighbor like that too... the kids drive the Escalade (Power Wheels) to the house on the corner and she's afraid she's going to hit them in her car. Even though she never leaves the house. Blech. said...

my grandchildren get more more beautiful with every day that passes - hannah is starting to show a whisper of who she'll be all grown up - and simon looks a little thinner than the last time i saw him and seth is just plain gorgeous

ellen said...

Why, thank you everyone. I think the picture are fabulous too!