Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Taking it Easy

I like it when we can take it easy.... It's a nice day outside... I got to hang out with Misty and Tiff today... I walked to get the kids from school.... nice and easy.

Of course, I have neglected a few things today like we forgot Hannah had Band this morning, I haven't done the dishes, we are out of milk..... but who's asking, right.

I finished up Cynthia's little quilt. Hurray for me! It has minky on the back which is the softest stuff in the world. I made a cute little elephant out of the minky to go with it too. So, is it too boy or is it gender neutral enough? On to the next project!

So, since I have been negligent as far as Hannah updates go... I thought I'd brag a little. She gets spelling words every week and she has to make up sentences that the words go in. She thinks it's fun to use as many words as she can in one sentence. Actually these are the challenge words. She takes the spelling test at the beginning of the week and if she (or any other student) gets them right then they only have to use the challenge words.

Her words were:


Her sentence was:

It is permissible to be flabbergasted that you forgot to put commas on a bundled package that was chugged away on a train!

I think she is a smart little girl to come up with sentences like these.


Samantha said...

Nice sentance! Hope Simon is feeling better.

Amy York said...

Holy cow! She is a smart lil booger isn't she? :)
The quilt looks great - I would say it's definitely a little more on the side of masculine but could be gender neutral. I love the elephant and didn't know you possessed such talents as to make a stuffed animal! :)

woman at the well said...

The elephant makes me think of the elephant my mom made that you found. You should post that photo for comparison. It is very cute.

What a great sentence Hannah made! Very imaginative. My personal favorite word is scofflaw - see if she can use it in a sentence. Oh, and draconian - Misty can tell her about that one :)

Ria said...

Quite the sentence indeed! LOVE the quilt and the elephant too! That is cool you can do stuffed animals. I am getting a sewing machine for "mothers day" (in June). We will see where that takes me but I might be asking you for advice. I also read your comment on Amy's blog and we wish you were here to do cool stuff with us all of the time to.

ellen said...

I will tell Hannah you all loved her sentence.

Stuffed animals aren't all that hard. Understanding what the instructions are telling you to do is the hard part!

Ria- I look forward to seeing what you create with your sewing machine. You can always take a class.

Mom- I'll see about getting the elephant I have out and photographed. They are much different.