Friday, July 10, 2009

One more week

I can't believe it's Friday already. We leave for Denver in one week! There's always so much to do before a trip.

We've had a pretty good week so far. Aside from the cold the kids have. We finished up their session of swim classes. So far this has been such an unusual summer. It's been cool most days. Like 80 ish. I'm not complaining but seriously, how can you run through sprinklers, swim, hit the beach, etc in cool summer weather. Our high for today is supposed to be 77! No need for AC, that's a good thing.

On Weds we went blueberry picking. It was a bit of a drive but worth it. Organic blueberries at $2.50 a pound! Sweet.

The kids love doing stuff like this so I don't feel like I am torturing them. We came home with 8 lbs. We could have picked more but I didn't want to go over board. I have 12 cups frozen now, we made muffins, and we've still got 4-5 cups to snack on! Lots of blueberries. I thought about making jam but I don't think I'd like it very much. I know Hannah wouldn't.

Yesterday, I gave Seth a snack and went upstairs to check my email. I came back down and found this...

Guess he was tired.

In quilting related news- I have a little wall hanging project I am working on right now. I'm making a house. I'll show you when I'm done. I hope it comes out as a cute as I envisioned. Or something like what the house really looks like... I better get on it. I'm already quilting it. I made a brick pattern on the little house. Took forever! I want to have it done before we head to Denver. I shouldn't put things off till the last minute. I'll learn someday. I swear.

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