Saturday, July 11, 2009


I have to start with I've never done this before. I took a picture, kind of drafted it out and then picked out some fabrics that would work as the house. I started it back in Nov and just let it sit for a while. Sometimes projects need to marinate.

The two wall hangings on the left side of the design wall were Xmas gifts.

Threads everywhere!

All quilted up!

See, my friend is going to lose her house. We all know how the market is right now, properties aren't selling for what they were once worth and the bank gets a lot of them back. Her house is one of those. She really liked her Victorian. So, I thought I could give her a house. Her house, to take with her. Cheesy? Yes. Dorky? Yes. Will she like it? I have no idea... It's so totally cheesy... I think I'll give it to her and ask her to not open it in front of me in case she thinks it's lame.

All I have left is to hand stitch the binding down.


Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful! It takes a lot of courage and thought to break away and create something original. The result is beautiful and the quilting is lovely. What a thoughtful gift.

ellen said...

Thank you, Barbara!

sunshine said...

Ah, the tricky business of giving gifts that may be a gamble. Apart from her probably loving it, you should tell her to open it after you've left, but have someone else take a snap shot as she opens the gift, so then if she likes it, you can look at the photo as if you were there... complicated, I know ;)

The house turned out really nicely, amazing with the photo of the original beside it. It's sad that she is losing the real house, though.


Woman with a Hatchet said...

I bet she'll love it and cry. That's a beautiful thing you've done there, Ellen.