Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Our visit is going well so far. We've had the chance to see lots of people. Friends and family. Coffee with my girlfriends on Sunday was an awesome treat, I miss that. We've gone to 3 barbecues, one of which was also a pirate themed birthday party, swimming twice, and to the museum. My mom drove all the way from Kansas to see us out here! Makes me feel special. Tomorrow the kids are getting hair cuts and then we're going to see Harry Potter on the giant screen. We have so much more to do while we're here too...

I gave my friend her house wall hanging and she liked it. I told her she could open it but if she didn't like it she had to pretend she did. It turned out she did like it so she didn't have to fake it.

I don't have any pictures to share since I can't upload my images. I've taken close to 100 pictures so far and that's after deleting some bad ones. I have to go through it again.

I've gone to see my aunt twice and it won't be long until she passes away. She's been talking to people that have been dead for a long time. She even was playing catch with her old dog. The end is near for her. She's been talking to my dad so at least I know they'll have each others company.

Anyway, I didn't want the blog to get to dusty from disuse. We'll be home at the end of the month. Hopefully with lots of entertaining stories...

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