Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Antique quilt

Last night at our quilt guild meeting the president brought in an old quilt in that had been given to her to give away. Well, every quilter in the room was willing and able to give it a good home. It was decided to be fair we'd raffle it off. A dollar a ticket and the proceeds would go to charity. Somehow through luck or fate, I got it!

It's mine! Mine, mine, mine! Yes.

You can tell by the weave of the fabric that this 80 year old woman's mother did indeed make it. There are feed sack fabrics in it too. SCORE! Can you tell I'm a bit excited. For some reason it's sewn in half like someone was going to stuff it. A small duvet maybe? I can easily undo the seam and open it back up as a top. I do want to hand quilt this someday. Cleaning it will be the hard part. I always worry about ruining them. Now I feel like I am acquiring antique quilts. I have 4 I think. I'm alright with that! I do need to get some archival storage boxes. I currently have old quilts in white pillowcases and I take them out and refold them from time to time.

So cool!

Speaking of cool, nice transition right? Look what I bought the other day...

This won't be a complicated quilt but it's gonna be cute! I like Heather Bailey fabrics. Adorable.

And even more cool, look what I found in my garden today!

A big fat zucchini!

We'll have to eat it before we go to Denver. Friday isn't all that far away. I am excited to go. There will only be one truly sad part about our visit. My aunt isn't doing well. She was sent home from the hospital last week with hospice care. It's only a matter of time now I guess. Very sad. I am hoping to get to see her as soon as I get there.

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Monica said...

That quilt is awesome!

And I'm very sorry to hear about your aunt. I'm sure she'll love seeing you.