Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy bee

I swear I don't get a chance to sit down very much. Always something to do... and yet my house is always a mess.

Last weekend I made a fabric box following this tutorial. I like her blog too! The box is not too shabby. I should have used stabilizer like the instructions said. I made it mostly to try out her method but I figure it'll make a nice scrap bin as is. If I make more I will get some of the clear vinyl so I can label the bins.

I spent all day yesterday at the school trying to help out with getting the rest of the flowers sold that were left over from Saturday. No such luck. And boy was it hot outside! A few more went but we still have a lot left. I decided to bring some home and pot the plants myself! We had sold out of the small potted plants we had but we still have lots of flats. I potted 20 tea cups and 8 small pots.

What cha think? Would you buy one for $4? After all Teacher Appreciation is next week and Mothers Day is soon too!

Today was filled up with FPS, library, grocery shopping, planting, gymnastics, and now on to Cub Scouts. I think my brain might melt out my ears! No me time anywhere in site... and I never go the garden started!


Solanaceae said...

I love the soft box! Too cute! I also have a question, I was going to email but can't find your email addy. You don't happen to have any idea where I can find simple patterns for 11.5" doll clothes do you? I figured I would ask you, Queen of all things cute and made of fabric!


ellen said...

I've never sewn any doll clothes. You can google it or go to Joann's and look at their available patterns.

I think that shall be my new title, Ellen, Queen of all things cute and made of fabric! Too long?

Solanaceae said...

No, it's not too long! I have been in awe of your talent with fabric since your Aunt first sent me to your blog. I wish I had even 1/10 of your talent and creativity with fabric! Thanks for the pointers. Have already done some searching and was just hoping not to have to buy a pattern for something as simple as I want to make.

Cheers to you and yours!

ellen said...

Draft your own. Practice with cheap muslin and don't forget your seam allowance!

I don't think I'm all the talented but thank you so much. I just love doing it.