Friday, April 03, 2009

Quilts, painting and fps

Oh, quilting how I miss thee...

I did finish up the yummy flannel baby quilt. The striped binding really makes the quilt. I did my really fancy stipple quilting on it. Someday I'll learn to do something cooler... someday.

It's super cute. I think it needs a friend to go with it. Maybe a little stuffed animal or something. I have a few quilt guild things I'd like to get done this week too. We'll see if I can.

We made some progress painting last weekend. All the walls got primed and we got the trim done. One more coat on the ceiling and then the blue walls. I am determined to be done with it this weekend. There is just way too much going on. Hannah's FPS stuff is going to suck all my time until we go to Michigan at the end of May.

I am the official liaison for the trip. This turns out to be a bigger deal than I knew (the trip not being the liaison). They aren't just going to a National competition their going to an International competition. These kids of ours will be competing against kids from all over the world. I hardly understood what they were doing when she wanted to start this at the beginning of the year. They are given a future scene and then the team gets 2 hours to come up with solutions on how they'd solve it. The topic they will get to work on will be Pandemics... I looked at Hannah and asked her if she even knew what a pandemic was?

As for me... I have to help with fund raising (hint, hint), coordinating, etc. Thankfully this position comes with one big benefit, my trip is mostly paid for. I think this is another one of those blood, sweat and tears things though... I'll be paying for it alright.

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