Sunday, April 05, 2009


My house attracts small children. I send three out to play and then I hear more... then a few more...

Why my house?

I think it's the tree. I should probably make all the parents sign a waiver before allowing their kids to come over. There was even one more kid that wasn't in this picture playing at our house today.

Please come down, that's way too high!

The boys room is all painted. The only thing left is the closet. I ran out of go-go juice my friends. It will get done though. We still have to drag all their stuff back in there too. I am amazed at how much crap they have. It's time for a yard sale or some donations. I'll get a picture of the finished room soon...

We bravely let the kids help us paint.

"Take my picture!"

I am amazed we got any painting done at all. I took Seth to two birthday parties and I went to a Pampered Chef party too. I was rather embarrassed today by Seth though. He hit another kid. (This isn't his first offense.) As I was hurrying over to get Seth and remove him I heard the kids dad saying to his son to stay away from that boy, he's hitting. Grr. Seth knows better. I swear. Now to get him to act like he knows better! Tiff suggested a zero tolerance on it. Not just removing him and giving him a time out but leaving. What do you think?

Totally changing subject here. Yeah, I don't have a nice segue.

I watched Twilight last night and added the borders on a charity quilt for the guild. All the fabrics were provided. We had sewn most of the top a while ago and I said I'd finish it.

A little funny to finish off the post.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

His pants are on backwards. He dressed himself this morning and he didn't want me to fix them. His socks are inside out and upside down too and if you could see it, his shoes are on the wrong feet.

It's all a learning process.


Amy Y said...

That is the perfect climbing tree! I love your paint color, too.
I agree with the zero tolerance on the hitting issue. Your other kids didn't do that did they? Lil stinker. ;) I'm sure it's just a phase and he'll stop soon. Hang in there, Mama.

woman at the well said...

Ellen, what a pretty quilt! I think if you removed him from the party/event/situation and went home, it would be the occasion of the worst fit ever, but I don't think you'd have to do it twice. He's smart. Only once did I have to remove you from the grocery store, leaving behind a cart full of groceries, and we ate something awful for dinner because we weren't able to buy groceries. :)