Thursday, April 16, 2009


The rain cleared up and made way for a perfect day at the zoo. We took the long trek to the Philadelphia Zoo. It's a great zoo. It's so great in fact, we'll be going back there. Ok. I really bought a membership because as usual with places like that if you get the membership it pays for itself after going twice. The drive is kind of long but I think if we just make a day of it it'll be great. Pack a lunch, you get the idea.

I took Dan's little camera along today. I wanted to get pictures but I didn't want to haul around my nice camera. I'll share these pics with you in a minute.

Furnace update: We're going with natural gas. Yes, it costs more. Yes, it'll take longer to install. And yes, I'll be happy not having to deal with oil anymore!

Quilting: I am sewing down the binding on Hannah's new quilt. (It's nice to have something warm on your lap when there's no heat in the house.) I did something I've never tried before with the binding. I ran the stripped fabric the long way around the edge. I'll show you when it's done. I like it. As for my next project, I don't know. I had ordered fabric online and then with the company going out of business before they sent me my loot that I was really excited to get... I lost some momentum. I'll get something going here. I have lots of to-do's. Just not sure yet.

Without further ado here are a few pictures from our adventure today.

4 happy and energetic kids ready to take on the zoo!

This is what I saw of the kids most of the day. The back of their little heads. Maybe I should have fixed Seth's hair...

Seth and Hannah at the Tiger habitat.

3 little monkeys sittin' on a bear.

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