Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring has sprung

I finally feel like it's really spring around here! We've had so many cool rainy days that it seemed to drag out winter. (Of course, it's also been a little chilly in the house without heat.) I saw all the signs of spring- tulips and daffodils but I think it's finally, really, truly here. Maybe it's more like the weather finally agrees with what the plants know to be true.

We've been working hard on Hannah's FPS team trip. This week we went to the town council meeting, two PTO meetings, and tonight we're doing a bake sale at a school function. Phew, I'm busy! They've sent out tons of donation letters and we are moving forward with all the travel plans. This trip is going to be such a great experience for all of the kids. I question my sanity for wanting to along with this large group for 4 days...

There's been no time to quilt this week. I have a few small projects I'd like to do. I think this weekend I'll be gardening though. I'm going to pick up some flowers tomorrow for the planter boxes. I'm going to build a little raised bed for a square garden in the back yard too. I really think the kids will have fun picking their own veggies for dinner. I know I will!

Seth was being cute today while I took a few pictures of the flowers on the trees. He loves to pick dandelions. Don't all kids?

Smell the flower.

"Your turn Mommy!"

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Auntie Debbie said...

Sounds like you're busy as usual! I absolutely love the pictures of the apple trees blooming. I "borrowed" the pink flower and made it the background on my desktop here at work. It's the second time one of your pictures has shown up as my background . . . the last one was of the fall colors and the lake. Keep it up Ms. Photographer (Like mother like daughter)!

I love and miss you guys!