Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good day

I had a long day but it was a really good day.

I worked at the school today selling flowers from 7 am to 1 pm. It was hard not to buy all of them myself. I bought 2 flats and 2 10" pots for the front porch. I still need more...

I left there to take the family to Hannah's gymnastics recital.

She flies around the bars!

Posing on the balance beam.

She did great. She really has improved since last year. I wonder if she'll make the team next year?

After the recital I took the kids to get some ice cream. It was such a beautiful day. Mid 80's. Perfect I tell you.

Is ice cream for eating, wearing, or both? It ran all the way to his elbows! I just laughed and took his picture. What else can you do? Clean 'em up when they're all done I guess. I don't think I'll ever stop carrying baby wipes.

They hung around the house playing inside for a while and then back out to play some more. We ate our shish kabobs and baked potatoes out on the patio table. We followed dinner up with smores. (Ice cream and smores in one day! Lucky kids, huh.) The big kids settles in to watch a movie and Seth asked to brush teeth and go read stories. He's sound asleep in bed...

It was a good day.

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woman at the well said...

I wish I could have seen the recital this year! You are making good use of the camera, I see.