Saturday, November 01, 2008

Apples make me go bananas

The apple pie filling was a test of my patients I tell ya. It couldn't be easy. Starting with when mom and I were going to first do it two weeks ago. We were missing an ingredient that the local store didn't carry. Ok, fine. I figured I'd do it the next weekend. Mom would have to bring all her canning stuff to my house but we'd make it work. I thought I got the right stuff at the store but NO I got liquid pectin and the recipe called for Instant Clear Jell Powder... wait, what. What is clear jell powder? Turns out it's a modified corn starch if you care at all. So, I called around and no one had it in stock. I had to order it off the internet. Since I already had to order something off the internet, why not ask for an early Christmas present?

I got my own canning supplies. Now, this apple pie filling is getting more expensive by the minute.

I got up this morning to make it. I was worried that the apples wouldn't make it much longer and after all the money mom and I spent picking the darn things I wasn't about to let them go bad. Well, the recipe said it'd make 4 quart jars. Irony of ironies, I only had 3 quart jars.... Are you effin' kidding me! Seriously!

Off to the store again for quart jars. Turns out I needed more lemon juice too. (These better be the best pies ever!)

I did manage to make it all today. I hope I did it all right. Cross those fingers. I followed all the instructions.

I took these lovely apples.

All these ingredients.

And turned it into this.

Please don't notice that there wasn't enough for 4 full quart jars after all. These pies better be good!

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Momma Mohawk said...

You can totaly send one of those right down here along with the recipie, I would love to try canning.