Friday, October 31, 2008


First off I have to say thank you for all the warm birthday wishes for Hannah. She appreciated it and so did I.

Halloween has come to an end for all the kids in our house. They got to stuff their faces with tons of candy, candy, and more candy. Except maybe the Nerds and Smarties that Dan has decided are all for him. We had a fun filled day. I ran the Fall Festival again. We set up the pumpkin patch this morning so each kid in school could take one home today. Seth was quite the helper.

The only problem is what to with all the left over pumpkins. I can only take so many home. So, we left them for the teachers to take... or throw out. I got a few free corn stalks out of the deal again. Not to shabby. There was quite the freakin' mess of corn husks in my car though.

Then they had their Costume Parade around the school.

Simon in his strange commander costume.

Hannah and her best friends. Named the Three Musketeers by their teacher last year.

We went Trick or Treating with some of Simon's little friends. Hannah decided she wanted to go with her friends and some how I was supposed to get Hannah later on when they were all done... ? Amazingly enough as we were finishing up with Simon's group of friends Hannah and her friends showed up. We did one more block with all of them and heading back for some pizza.

Now, if only the teenagers would head on home so Simon will quit coming in to complain about the noise outside.

I leave you with Seth wishing you Happy Halloween over his candy.

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