Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Project dog sitting, underway

My mom went out of town for a few days and we brought her lovely dog to our house. Maggie is a great little dog. If all dogs were this good I'd get one but they're not. She follows me everywhere though. I've had a song running through my head for a while now. You might remember those commercials for My Buddy? "Wherever I go (s)he goes, my buddy, my buddy, my buddy and me!" AHH! She also hasn't tried to eat any of the cats around. I think she'd lose to one of my cats. Malaya is my smallest cat but she has guts.

Other than having a dog under foot all day things are normal. The kids keep trying to get Maggie to come to them and well, she won't. She stays with me. Dan runs a close second if I'm not here. Right now she's laying right next to my chair and if I get up so does she. My cat is not amused that the dog is with me all the time. One more day, kitty, one more day. Then you can have your lap back.

I took Hannah to the Orthodontist today to get her spacer out. They think she'll be out of her braces in a few months. Woo hoo.

I wish I had some good stuff to show you about quilting but I've got nothing. I am actually hoping to get a few UFO's (Un-Finished Object) done. I have a double wedding ring wall hanging that has been sitting around waiting to be finished for, um, about 5 years. Sad but true. One ring down 3 to go. Can't be that hard! Curves, I can do that... I think... then bias binding... I guess I could do that.

I also owe a friend a crazy block pillow out of some cool silk fabric she gave me... a year or so ago.

I shamefully still haven't made a charity quilt but some of the guilt has been off set because I helped tie three charity quilts at our last guild meeting. See, I'm charitable!


Susan said...

Are you going to remember how to pin the pieces so that all your points line up? Maybe you will motivate me to finish mine as well. Oh, wait, that would mean I would have to sew...

ellen said...

I thought you finished the top? Most of mine is ready to go. The curves were already pieced so I just have to attach them to the melons and the center piece. Hopefully correctly.

Oh, I had some that were already (I mean STILL!) pinned from the class and the melon blocks are all marked too.

It should be simple.

Susan said...

I did get all of the rings together. Now I just have to back it, bind it & decide if I want to quilt it or not. Always the procrastinator.....