Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Book monster

Have I told you about the voracious book monster in our house? She is quite adorable and quite hungry for books.

Hannah's teacher sent her home with the book Twilight, that I had to approve of course, and she read it in a day. Friday night she read about 200 pages and by noon the next day the entire novel was done. She begged us to go buy her the next book but we told her no. ( I know we are mean like that. Hey, it's expensive to feed her book habit.) I decided to read this book also because for some reason it is a huge deal amongst teenage girls. Gorgeous vampires was cool abilities, what's not to like. The book was entertaining and I can see the appeal. It's worth a read. Her teacher bought herself the second book and offered it to Hannah because she was so excited to read it. The teacher called me to tell me she hadn't read it yet but she assumed it was along the same lines. She suggested I could look it over first and decide if it was ok or not. She also told Hannah to take her time and read it over a few days.

Hannah came home grinning from ear to ear, plopped down on the couch and began to read. This monring when I woke up she had a few pages left. When I reminder her that she had been told to read it slow she said she had read it over two days.

She devours books. I think she reads faster than I do. Quite frightening and yet utterly fascinating.

They have made a movie out of the first book but from seeing the previews it's a bit different than the book. I am torn as to whether or not Hannah should be allowed to see the movie. It is PG-13. She's seen movies like X men and those are rated PG-13 and so are all the Spiderman movies. She hasn't asked to see the movie yet but I know she will. She's only 10. What do you think, if she can read the book, is the movie ok?


Amy Y said...

I think if you go together so that you can discuss anything that you think is inappropriate, it's fine.
I was a book monster when I was her age, too. I'd still be if I had the time!

Momma Mohawk said...

I have read all 4 of the books in that series of books, if you would like me to ship them up I will. I don't know how mature your book monster is but if she is open to discussion I would agree with your other friend, just discuss anything that concerns her (or mom).

ellen said...

Nah, you don't have to ship them up here. She's already read the first two and she's getting the next one from the school library tomorrow. It costs too much to ship stuff. Thanks though, I really appreciate it!

I do talk to her about the things she reads. I don't actually think she got the attraction the characters had to each other. Phew. Still to young to understand.