Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Once upon a time I had time to get quilting done. Time for my craft. Then my children went back to school. Now we have busy days followed by after school activities. I have made some progress on C's quilt. It is coming together nicely. The blocks are done and now I am putting in the strips between the blocks and the strips between the rows. This is a much longer process than I thought it'd be. Having to get stabilizer on everything is a big PITA.

Seeing as we are so crazy busy all the time we missed pumpkin picking with the MOMS Club last week because Hannah was busy that day but still wanted to pick out her own pumpkin. I had to squeeze pumpkin picking in today between school getting out at 3 and Tae Kwon Do at 4:15.

She found one right away!

He tried to pick it up.

Simon loves his pumpkin.

OCD on the pupmkin field.

A few friends came with us.

Tell me you love your pumpkin. "I LOVE MY PUMPKIN!!!"

After TKD, cooking and cleaning up from dinner we carved our pumpkins. I always enjoy carving pumpkins with the kids. Maybe it's because I am still a kid on the inside. Dan thinks gutting pumpkins is gross... so I show him the guts while making gross sounds. See, still a kid on the inside. :)

Scoop 'em out.

We didn't use any patterns. I am still not quite sure what Simon's face is all about on his jack-o-lantern.

Once we were all done carving up the pumpkins it was time for bed (we even had to skip bath). I got the pumpkin seeds roasted, which turned out yummy might I add, and then had to clean up again. By the time I was done with my day it was almost 10 pm. I was out of go-go juice. No quilting for me last night. I checked my email, watched Hero's and went to bed.

I did get to be crafty today by making a googly face on a jack-o-lantern. The rest of the week is full starting with today, I have to make cookies for Hannah to take to school tomorrow. Tomorrow is her birthday. The big 10. I am still in shock. Followed up by Halloween parties, a school festival, and ending the week with trick or treating... I'm gonna be one busy mama. Will I get to quilt this week at all? I'll try.


Tiffany said...

I LOVE the picture of Seth lining up all the pumpkins. I still think he should be my kid.

ellen said...

Nope, can't have him. He's mine all mine!

Amy Y said...

OMG I love the OCD pumpkins :)
Looks like you guys had fun!

Momma Mohawk said...

I completely understand the busy busy, however for me it is not quilting I have never even tried to quilt. I love to crochet but with monkey, work and school I only get time on vacation or school breaks. Your quilts are beautiful, I hope you do get more time for them.

Wish you could have made it we would have loved to see you. Perhaps we could arange a visit.

woman at the well said...

What marvelous photos! I agree on the OCD pumpkins, all the kids are adorable! Now that my lovely daughter showed me how to link my blog to hers ... can I still steal photos?

Susan said...

Mmmm roasted pumpkin seeds. Sounds tasty! Love how the quilt is coming along. It's going to be super cute when done!