Monday, October 13, 2008


I have to brag for a moment...

Simon is doing so well in school! He got a progress report today and he got good marks in everything. They also do a card system in class (you know, they start on green and if they are bad it can get turned to yellow, orange and then red) and he's been on green the whole time so far! For those of you who know Simon this is a big accomplishment for him. He is such a wiggle worm. He can't sit still to save his life. And the talking! He doesn't shut up. I feel for him. I know how it feels. They didn't call me Little Yellin' Ellen for nothing. Anyway, I am totally proud of him. He's doing great. He also just went up another belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Hannah is also doing great in school but that isn't new. I have to remember to praise her too since her good behavior is normal in regards to school. At home she gets rude sometimes but you can't win all the time. Hannah was asked by her teacher to be in a special Future Problem Solvers program at school. All the kids who were interested had to take a test to make sure they could think in a different way that you'd need to to be in FPS. Of course, Hannah can think outside the box. Oh, and she is out of her brace. Her little arm in all healed up and she can even go back to gymnastics this week.

I have amazing kids. I am a lucky mom.

Tonight I went to another quilt guild meeting. We worked on a charity quilt. I actually did some hand piecing. I don't ususally do that. Mostly out of shear laziness. Why hand quilt when the machine is sooo much faster? I know how, I just choose not too. Anyway, I think I'll go ahead and join the guild. I did find out that at a quilt store close by they have a Friday night quilt get together. Hmm, I think I'll check that out too. Not this Friday because the MOMS Club is going to Fright Fest at Six Flags for the Moms Night Out.

I'd love to share some photos of the progress I've made on C's quilt or of the treasure I rediscovered this weekend (I have some of my grandma's sewing supplies) but alas, my computer has decided it can't see the internet anymore. Grumble, grumble. We have to have networking run upstairs. Damn older homes. So, I've been using Dan's computer for a few days now. I want mine back... I can wait... I can be patient...

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