Monday, October 20, 2008

Conversation with a toddler, part 2

"Seth, what do you want to wear today?"

"Monkey jammies!"

"You can't wear your monkey jammies today because you wore them last night."

"More monkey jammies!"

"You want more monkey jammies?"


"You know what, when I go to Costco next I'll see if they have any more and I'll buy you another pair of monkey jammies."

"No, FIVE monkey jammies."

"Wow, five, that's a lot of monkey jammies!"

Sorry the picture is out of focus.


woman at the well said...

Ellen, this reminds me of you and your "froggy" pajamas. For those who don't know the story ... I bought green pajamas for her when she was about Seth's age, and she initially balked at the color ... until I told her they were frog pajamas. Then, she loved them! Good. I couldn't afford to buy any more in a different color :)

ellen said...

I loved my froggy pajamas! They were too big for me when I started wearing them and they flopped around on my feet!

Scylla said...

Seth is cute in his monkey jammies! Otter has the same jammies, from the same place.
He also has green jammies with little froggies on them, so he has froggy jammmies too!!

I miss you!!