Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Orange, blue and brown

Today is an orange day for Seth and I. After walking the kids to school this morning Seth decided he wanted to paint. He came down from Hannah's room with orange paint, a brush and a cup. I got out all the other things we'd need, his paint shirt and paper. I even went outside and brought a few leaves in to paint with. Seth was much more interested in getting paint everywhere but hey, he's only two. We also tried to make a tree and use his handprints for leaves... the paper is mostly all paint. He had fun and that's all that really matters.

We also made some orange juice today. I told Seth we'll have to look for orange leaves on our walk to school this afternoon. Orange all around. Maybe he'll eat the yams tonight at dinner since they are orange too.... One can hope.

On to quilting news!

I have been putzing around with this baby clothes quilt for a few weeks now feeling like something didn't fit. I cut all my blocks but something still didn't work for me.

I finally figured it out. The block in the upper right hand corner throws me off. It has too much color. All the other clothes I used are like this:

But she also gave me some like this:

I don't like all those colors together. She told me she likes blues and browns so I am going to remove the rainbow block up there and just use the blues and browns. It will work so much better for me. It will feel like they all belong. It can be scrappy and cute now not scrappy and uncoordinated. I am going to try and get as much out of the clothes and I can and then I'll hit the quilt store to finish it off. I think this will be adorable when I get done!

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Woman with a Hatchet said...

Wait! Are you using old baby clothes to make a memory quilt? OMG! That is the coolest idea! a couple of years, would I be able to get you to make a few for me? That would be fantastic! There are a few outfits for each kid thats I really love, but don't think it makes sense to keep something you'd just have stashed away in a drawer. A quilt, could display that sucker! Must peek through the rest of this series!

You are so talented!