Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello, apples!

Hello, are you still out there reading? Where has everyone gone?

I should have my internet connection upstairs in my office back up and running today. Cross your fingers. It's weird to have a ton of pictures and blog post ideas yet no access to my photos.

So, I have a few apples left over from yesterday. Mom and I wanted to can some applesauce and maybe some apple pie filling so we went apple picking in the morning with the kids. We got fabulous Empire apples. As a matter of fact we got 58 pounds of them! Each kid had a bag and added 10-15 pounds to it. Oops. More than we needed. I don't think I've ever paid $70 for apples.

After we made double batches of applesauce and apple butter I still brought home 16 pounds. We weren't able to make pie filling though. We didn't have the liquid pectin we needed. I ran over to the grocery store and tried to find some. They don't even know what you mean when you ask if they have any home canning supplies. "Canning, what's that?" You know, when you take food and put it in a jar and save it for later! How sad that most people don't even know what it is. Anyway, we are still going to try and make some pie filling and can it up. How great would that be to make up a delicious apple pie for Thanksgiving with your own apple filling that you made from scratch.

As for quilting. I have made progress on the baby clothes quilt. I think it's gonna be pretty darn cute. I also made a cute pin cushion using a tuna fish can using this pattern. It's easy and cute. I actually really like her blog. She has some great tutorials. Check it out.

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