Saturday, July 28, 2007

Repair work, county fairs, and block parties

I have spent a large portion of the week fixing a quilt. Cynthia's adorable quilt. It was the first time I had ever worked with charm squares. The edges have been cut with pinking shears (or a machine that makes them look that way). I apparently didn't set my seams in far enough so when she washed the quilt some of the seams came apart! I've never had that happen before! I felt pretty bad about it. When I went out to see her (yes, it was all the way back in June) I took along supplies so I could fix it. I could tell that I needed to take it apart and reinforce a lot of the seams. Anyway, I had to wait to work on it until I had all the quilts done and off to the rightful owners in Denver. Wow, riping out seams is a b**ch! Had to be done. I am hoping to get it all fixed, put back together, washed, and shipped off next week. Hoping anyway. Then I can begin on my next project. Two quilts for a friends expected twins. One boy and one girl. I'm going to use the County Lines pattern again.
I took the midgets to the Monmouth County Fair on Thursday. Tiff and Chloe came with us. It was fun just like last year. I failed to take along my camera but Tiff had hers. If she passes along any cute pictures I'll share them. I think fairs are a fantastic way for you and your money to part ways. Everyone eats, you let the kids go on a few rides, and you have to get a little treat since you are after all at a fair. Hannah got cotton candy, Simon got funnel cake, and I got a root beer float. Ok, I bought some kettle corn to take home with us. That stuff is so good! The kids also got to go to the petting zoo. It was neat to watch Chloe and Seth enjoying it so much. Last year they had no clue what was going on since they were such little babies. Chloe was quacking at the ducks. It was very cute.

Today we are going to Tiff and John's block party. I think it will be more like a big BBQ but I like hanging out with friends and BBQing. It should be fun.

I better go get ready! Hope you all have great weekends.


woman at the well said...

The thought of ripping out seams is enough to make me not want to start! Thanks for the great Seth photo - please pass along the carnival ones. Paul says a fond hello to all the little ones! And you, too!

Coni Nelson said...

Sounds fantastic!! Wish we were there!

By the way - I sleep with my quilt every night now....... However, it has caused some domestic violence......Ron keeps trying to take it.... I have to slap him every night.

I love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!


Amy York said...

Does this mean you have been there a year? Holy cow... Sounds like fun! :)