Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yawn, we are boring...

There isn't a whole lot going on around here. I did manage to get Cynthia's quilt top all put back together. I don't know if I'll ever do a piano key border again! I honesty think after looking at the piecing that the problem wasn't my seam allowance but how far apart the yarn tacking was. Does that make sense to anyone (Sam?) or am I just clicking and whistling at most of ya? Anyway, I am going to put the spacing closer together and see if that will work. If the darn thing falls apart in the wash again I won't try and fix it again. Cynthia will just get a new quilt in the mail!

We have managed to make it to the library and we went to a new spray park but all in all we're just trying to relax and enjoy our summer. I have to get all my stuff ready for a yard sale this weekend. For me it isn't about making money it's about getting rid of some of my stuff. There's just so much clutter that we don't need. I was amazed at how many silly little toys the kids had in their rooms that they don't play with and haven't played with in a long time.

Since I should be packing things up to take over to Tiff's house instead of blogging (which is much more fun!) I'll just post some recent pictures.

Seth and Chloe checking out the animals at the fair.

"Giddy up Mommy!"

He enjoyed the 2 foot pool immensely!

Ah, she sure knows how to sulk when she doesn't get her way.

Seth was waving at Jim while he works on our porch roof. One of his favorite things to do over the last few days has been to sit and watch out the window.
I love what pictures look like in black and white. Which do you like better in general color or black and white?

Ok, back to work on the yard sale.


woman at the well said...

I think on monochromatic photos, like the one of Seth at the window, black and white is prettier, but in general, color is better. Great photos. I enjoy seeing the grandkids (and you) in the photos.

Susan said...

You know, it's really weird that the fabric unraveled like that. The whole point of pinking is a seam finish to prevent unraveling.

The only thing I can think is that maybe the agitation of rubbing against the backing caused it. So your idea of more yarn tacking should help stabilize it better...

Well, that's my 2 cents for what it is worth.

Samantha said...

you're not boring!

i went through the playroom recently and found what felt like a zillion tiny toys that no one cared about. I got rid of them and no one noticed, so I must have been right!

woman at the well said...

The key to cleaning a child's room is a lawn-and-leaf sized garbage bag. They never miss that much stuff - it's actually a bit embarrassing - that our kids have so much stuff.

No comments on the sewing thing, but I think Susan is on the right track ... just what I thought :)

Scylla said...

A new splash park? Where? Have you been holding out on me?

ellen said...

I hope I am right on the yarn tacking part too.

It is amazing how a trash bag can make such a huge difference while cleaning a kids room up. I agree about hoe embarrassing it is that they have so much stuff. Another mark on the Greedy Americans chart.

Misty, I am not holding out on you. I just went there Tues for the first time. I'll take you there if you'd like.

Ria said...

I vote for black and white. I think a picture can speak to you so much better without the interruption of color. I also think that great photographers can create many colors in black and white by just doing it artisticly. Does that make sense? Just my opinion. But I did used to be a photography major if that means anything.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I have no comment on quilting since I can't even sew a straight line with a machine or by hand. Phooey!

However, on the photography front, it all depends on the subject. If you have a lot of disparate colors, or clutter in your image, going with B&W helps because you pare the image down to its basics. It can also suggest a mood, depending on the subject of the picture. BTW, if you up the contrast on your pic of Seth, it will look even better.

Remember that B&W isn't just the desaturation of an image, if you're going for a really good look you want deep rich blacks, your whites to look white and skin tones to be smooth, not a muddy grey. However, I was never a photography major, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. : )

Amy York said...

I like the black & white too... And don't know diddly squat about quilting but still don't think you guys are boring. I love looking at the new pictures - the one with Seth on your shoulders is great! And the Hannah pouting one was definitely a classic and should be used as blackmail when she is a mother... :)