Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Picnic and Quilts

We had a pretty good time last Saturday at the company picnic. Ok, Dan would have had a better time if he hadn't gotten a headache but otherwise it was fun. The kids are big enough now that they can run around and go to all the little rides and games with trips back to check in from time to time. Our last stop on the way out was to get their faces painted. What cute little puppies I have!

I forgot to mention my lovely quilts I took to Denver made it safe and sound. I ended up having to take them on the plane because I didn't get them done until the day before we left and I didn't want to pay for next day air to ship them. So, I stroked the bag and told them to not get lost on the way and checked the bag! Gasp.

The quilts were all well received. (I haven't heard from Brian and Rhea but I think they'll like theirs.) Ben and Susan love their huge quilt (It's actually to big for their bed! I am waiting for a picture of it because I forgot to take one. Oops.) Sheri loves her quilt too. My favorite part was giving Coni her quilt. She had no idea she was getting it. They never had a ceremony or a big party to mark their wedding but Ron and Coni are married. They quietly went to the court house and made it official a long time ago and for those of you who know them they have been a happy couple for many, many years. So, I decided to make them a small quilt. She gushed about how much she loved the quilt from her Ellen friend and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy. That is what gift giving is all about! Making someone else happy.

Here they are all ready to be packed up!

Here is a picture of Ben and Susan's quilt while I was still working on it. Seth was such a helpful little bugger to climb right in the middle of it!

Oh, I finished the latest Potter book. Don't worry I won't spoil it. It was a fantastic book!!!! I loved it, loved it, loved it. I hope Rowling will write more stories from the magical world she created.


Amy York said...

That puppy pic is so cute!! Glad the quilts made it safe and sound... you have been busy lately! When do I get one??? :D

Drea said...

wow what cute face paintings!!! found you from amys blog.

woman at the well said...

Harry Potter! I loved the book, but have been forbidden to talk about it around the office, because most of the people aren't finished with it. There are only 2 of us crazy people who read it all immediately.

You are remarkably generous with your time, talent and your friendships - its always been an admirable character trait of yours. Your quilts are beautiful; you are truly talented.