Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Down the shore

Let me say this Jersey style, "We went down the shore."

We went to the beach this evening for our neighbor Maria's birthday party. Amazingly it was hot as all get out here in town but almost too cool to get in the water at the shore. I am a nervous wreck while my kids are in the water. All I can think of is a big wave knocking one of my kids down, pulling them under and then they'd be gone! Neurotic? Yes, but only a little. Thankfully there were many moms there. Nichole (she's 18) held Simon's hand, I held on tight to little Seth, and fearless Hannah had to continuously get yelled at to back up!

Seth actually liked the water which I think is impressive. The water temperature was probably in the 60's and it just rushes right over your legs. He'd gasp, smile, shake from being cold, and squirm to get back down if I attempted to pick him up.

I wish I had some pictures to share but I am also glad I didn't take my camera to get it all wet.

They had pizza delivered to the beach. Somehow I only ingested a bit of sand. Seth, well he ate a lot of sand.

There is sand everywhere! I tried to wipe the kids off before letting them in the car. It was in Seth's hair, even in his diaper. Simon let the other kids bury him so I knew he was hopelessly coated in it. Oh, there was sand on everything. We were all pretty darn cold too. Cool temperatures, wet swimsuits, plus a breeze equals cold people.

I sent them to the tub once we got home. I swept a pile of sand up off of the floor after Hannah and Simon showered. Once Seth was done with his bath I had to rinse the tub to get the sand to go down the drain. The best part is as I walk through the house I can find little areas that have sand deposited on them. ARGH!! I love the beach but I wish we could leave the sand there where it belongs.

Oh, we weren't cold anymore once we got home. :)

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Amy York said...

Look at you with your cute lil Jersey accent. :) Just remember the cold swim suits and cool breeze tomorrow when it's pushin' 100 degrees! :)