Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Well, it was only supposed to be in the 80's this week while I was here visiting in Denver. Boy were they liars! It's about 100! I am hiding in the basement where it is cool having some Jamba Juice. Hannah, Simon, and Cade are off at a movie with Aunt Linda so Seth and I are just hanging out. He is enjoying some of his favorite food right now, Gold Fish. I think he'd eat his weight in them daily if we'd let him. We have already had a busy, fun kid day. We had Mickey D's for lunch and went swimming. I knew Seth wouldn't let me sit and enjoy the movie so why waste the money.

As I was surfing the web visiting some of my favorite sites I thought I'd share a few things. Amy had posted on her blog a while back, Notes from the Trenches, and once I started reading it I really enjoyed it. Also I found this pro breastfeeding ad on a blog I frequent.

Excitingly we get to close on the house tomorrow!!! Yippy!!!! A year after we moved out we finally are done with it. Obviously the major flooding is the biggest delay in getting the house taken care of but a year! Seriously? Thankfully Ben got our house sold!

I'll share photos once I get home. We fly back on Friday.

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