Monday, July 09, 2007

It's gonna be a hot one

We're looking at 96 today! I know that for those of you in CO you are shrugging and saying, "So, what." None the less, I am going to whine about how hot it already is and how hot it will be. WAH! Ok,I am better. It was already 80 when I got home from my walk this morning. I closed up all the windows. Batten down the hatches!!!

We had a great weekend. Saturday we went to Doorbrook Park for Marlena's birthday. There's a huge playground and a spray park. This is the same park where my kids have been taking their swim classes. One of the things that I actually like about being out here is all the neat parks and farms they have. Anyway, I didn't get a lot of pictures since my memory card disappeared and I was using the one that came with the camera. I knew it wouldn't hold a lot of images but it only held 8. Really, 8? Golly, isn't it nice of Canon to give you a good memory card to go with the nice camera.

I digress again... Marlena's party was lots of fun for all the kids, big and little. Misty has more pictures on her blog.
Yesterday Tiff and I went to the dangerous place... Ikea! Oh, I drool so much over all the cute stuff while I am there. I have been eyeballing a TV stand for some time now and usually it is out of stock which is very frustrating. Yesterday it was there. YES! I had to get it (and a coffee table to match). I'd like to get a couple of the book shelves that go with the Markor series.

Well, I have a lot to do today so I better get a move on. Seth is napping and I still haven't gotten a shower in.


Susan said...

You will be happy to know it is only supposed to be in the upper 80's all next week here! No 100 degree days for you :)

And you will be happy to know we have figured out how to make our house cooler than it was last summer. Not cool, just cooler.

Yea! You will be here on Friday!!!

Ria said...

I suffer without air conditioning as well. Today is pretty nice though. Only supposed to be mid 80's. It is way more humid than usual though which makes it hotter. I know you are probably laughing at that one. There is not humidity in CO. I love your table and tv stand. Wish we had an Ikea...then again maybe I don't.

ellen said...

Oh yeah, 80's I can do!

You know you have humidity when you can see the air. Yuck.

Ikea does rock but it is so very dangerous on your pocket book mostly.

Samantha said...

We did drop temps today- maybe we sent it all to you. Ikea? FUN!

Amy York said...

I agree with Ria - we need an IKEA here! Of course, I'd be broke. I love that store... Even the non-furniture stuff is so fun! Your living room looks great... Sounds like the kids had a blast. They do seem to have cool parks there!

woman at the well said...

Ellen - Awesome photos! The water park is a winner. And I love the furniture. (One day gone, and I miss so much blogging!) While I'm here - we always think of the beach as sand so hot you can't walk on it and burning sun, its hard to imagine cool days at the beach ... but we can now! Us landlubbers are always nervous around the water.