Saturday, January 30, 2010


You know how I mentioned Seth's love of boxes and tape? It's wild what he comes up with and Simon gets in on the action sometimes too. Usually it's just Seth though.

Last night the boys built a ramp on the stairs for the cars to run down.

Oh, he also dressed himself yesterday and purposely put his shirt and pants on backwards.

This morning while I answered my study questions for Introduction to Nursing 101, they made armor out of the boxes...

Awesome helmet, huh!

"Mom, don't put this on your blog, ok!"

Seth even asks for the cereal boxes when there is still cereal in them. Today we got a box delivered with presents in it. Of course, after we opened the presents he wanted the box...


Susan said...

I love the last picture. Seth looks so cute looking adoringly up at his big brother :)

Paula Glover said...

You know, when people make jokes about kids preferring to play with the box the expensive toy comes in, you can point them to this photo! It's a keeper ... one to share with the girlfriends :)