Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still alive

I suppose since I'm only one week in to the semester I should still have my head above water, and I do. Lots and lots of reading to do though. I asked Seth today if he wanted to help me learn Spanish online. He bailed out pretty quickly. For some reason playing in his room sounded more appealing than listening to me try and pronounce new Spanish words. I did spend some time interacting with Seth today too. He's such a sport with me doing a bit of school work while he plays. Set the kid up with art stuff and off he goes. If you don't watch him though he'll use all your masking tape to build a tower out of the boxes for recycling! He might be an architect when he grows up.

So, today we made cookies. I had leftover candy from making the gingerbread houses and Seth threw it all in. I told him we couldn't put in the marshmallows but he insisted... I did have to pry some of the melted/glued cookies off the tray. I guess we should call these cookies, "everything except the kitchen sink cookies."

They were delicious though. (Yes, I had a cookie, or two or three.) The best part for Seth, about making cookies while his brother and sister are at school, is that he gets to lick the beater and get the bowl all to himself! Lucky kid.

This last weekend was packed full. Saturday was the big Pinewood Derby race in Cub Scouts and Sunday Hannah was bagging groceries as a fund raiser for FPS, again! Simon got to race his pinewood derby car that John helped him make. Dan and I don't have the tools to create a car out of a block of wood! Luckily for Simon, John is an Eagle Scout, has lots of tools, and said he'd help. Simon's car was so awesome that he won 1st place at the Bear level. He didn't win in the final race but at least he got that far. Thanks again, John. We owe you one.

Simon's car is the blue one!

I don't have any quilts to show. The baby quilt is still hanging on my design wall. Good thing the baby isn't due quite yet. Oh, I am picking up one of my quilts tomorrow. You know, the one that won free quilting? Yeah, that one! I'll show you when I get it next Tuesday. I bet it'll look fabulous. I just have to get the binding done by May.


cookie_troatie said...

I just have to say that i love your cookie rack.

ellen said...

I love the cookies racks too! Pampered Chef. They are individual and collapse for storage.

Paula Glover said...

I just realized that I haven't read the blog since school started, myself! Seth baking cookies in his jammies, now, there's a photo to keep. Is this right? Muy bueno? I'm sure I'm spelling the first word wrong ...

ellen said...

Si, muy bueno!