Monday, January 04, 2010

Break is over

My goodness, I haven't posted in a while. My poor blog has been neglected. I guess my excuse would be, I was busy with my mom and then I got pulled into a good book for a few days.

I had a wonderful time with my mom here. We got to spend time together from Christmas all the way through the New Year. Of course, we had to make a trip to the city and our destination was the Metropolitan Art Museum.

Hannah wasn't able to come along on Sunday because she broke her toe. (Didn't know it was actually broken until Monday after the xrays were taken but we were pretty sure because of the swelling and bruising.) So, since Hannah couldn't go, then Simon didn't want to go, and Dan ended up staying home with the two of them. Seth wanted to go and was bored out of his little mind the whole time we were there. The only part he liked was the taxi cab lunch box his food came in and the toy he got at the gift shop.

We spent lots of time hanging out. Nice and mellow. Saw a few movies like Avatar and Sherlock Holmes. Made gingerbread houses, which is a PITA, and I'll stick with gingerbread men from now on thankyouverymuch.

All in all it was a wonderful Chirstmas break.

Once mom left I delved head first into a book and reemerged yesterday. I finally got back to quilting last night and I'll get some pictures of it tomorrow when there is some light. Otherwise, I have a million and two things to do before I start school on the 19th and then, then there won't be any time for quilting. I will have to squeeze in some quilting time since I know of some babies on the way and a few weddings on the horizon. I already look forward to summer just so I can quilt...


Amy Y said...

Poor Hannah! Hope her toe is better soon!
Glad you had a good visit with your mom... :) What did you think of Avatar? We're going to see that next weekend I think.

ellen said...

I really liked Avatar! It's visually amazing, especially in 3D. Definitely worth seeing!

Paula Glover said...

Yes, it was SO GOOD to see you all! Avatar - yes, go see it!