Friday, January 15, 2010

Woot! I finished a quilt!

Finished! It didn't photograph well in the light here, but the purple inner border actually works well in the quilt top. I'll get it quilted with a nice rich purple too.

Now, I need to whip out a baby quilt for a little girl due soon and a boy due in March. I've got a stack of flannels I want to use. I have to come up with a pattern first. I think after that, I'm going to start working on a little something for me. I am going to make a t-shirt quilt. I've been saving some of my dad's t-shirts and I think it's high time I finally cut into them. They've been sitting in a box for almost 10 years.

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Paula Glover said...

The quilt is very pretty. Remind me who is the lucky recipient ...