Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Boy, the blocks cooperated much better after trimming them up. The top is assembled and just needs the last two borders. I had a few struggles with this one but mostly it was me, not just the pattern. The one thing I didn't like was to make the half square triangles I started with a 10 1/2" block and had to trim to 10". Anyone who has experience with half square triangles knows you should have 7/8 of an inch extra, not just 1/2. The rest of you are shaking your heads, wondering what I could possibly mean. Anyway, the blocks were a wee bit shy of 10" but they were consistent.

I'm going to attempt to try and do some of the charity blocks for the quilt guild. I don't know how many I'll squeeze in, but a few this year, at least. Here's the Woven Ribbons block we're making for the veterans at the VA hospital.

Family update time! It's been a while...

Hannah's doing well. Her toe is getting better and we go in next week to see how it's healed. She is doing Future Problem Solvers again this year and participating in the school play coming up in February. Obviously, she had to take a break from gymnastics for a few weeks while her toe mends.

Simon is breezing through 3rd grade. It doesn't challenge him but he's where he needs to be. He is still doing Tae Kwon Do and Cub Scouts. He has been getting a lot of headaches lately, and if it keeps up I'm going to have to take him to the doctor. Hopefully, he won't end up like his dad and just get headaches all throughout his life.

We just found out yesterday that Seth's preschool program has been canceled. Indefinitely. This threw a major wrench into my schedule for school but Tiff saved the day. She's going to watch Seth for me on Wednesdays while I am a at school. I also lost the study time I was looking forward to having on Thurs and Friday. I'll have to figure something out. Seth needs a little preschool and I need a little me time! He was upset about school but not devastated. Good thing he is little, resilient, and wasn't in LOVE with preschool.

Seth hopped in on the picture taking and wanted to show you how adorably silly he is. I couldn't agree more!

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Paula Glover said...

The quilt looks great! Sorry about Simon's headaches ... Seth will adapt to where ever he ends up going, but you're right to figure out some free time. You'll need it!